FREE Three Hour Workshop 

With Steve Oakey 

Discover How YOU Can Build A Profitable Local Domestic Electrical Business.

During This Workshop You Will Discover...

Why Specialising is key to getting more work

Companies that clearly define what they do are more successfully than those that don't

How to position yourself as an Expert

Experts are respected and people don't haggle with them on price.

How to crack the Advertising Code

There is a skill to Advertising effectively, when you crack this code, you will never be short of work.

How and Why to Make Friends not just Customers 

People buy from people they like, make your customers like you.

The importance of Communication 

How to follow up and keep in touch with customers in a way that they will want to hear from you.

Why you should systematise your marketing  


Three Hour Workshop On Saturday 26th Feb at 09:30 in Birmingham

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