Your Offer & Additional Bonuses Details

As part of the Offer you subscribed under you have access to the following:


  1. The link below will allow you to register you for Affiliate links, these affiliate links will allow you to introduce other tradespeople to the ToolBox and if they join the ToolBox as a result of using your link they will the be registered under you… This means that you will then receive a £16 payment (via PayPal) for every month they remain a member.


  1. Your offer also included a 1-2-1 Coaching Session with James, my advice with this is that you allow yourself a few weeks in the ToolBox Membership before you book this session. This will allow you to complete the induction and have a better understanding of how the ToolBox works which means you will get a lot more from the call. To book use the link below.


  1. The ToolBox Facebook Group is a big and active part of your membership, it should be the FIRST point of contact when you have any queries. It is also where weekly LIVE sessions happen, members who are actively involved in the group get the BEST results, ask questions, attend the Monday Q&A when you can, attend the Wednesday morning training, when you can… YOU WILL BENEFIT.

    Right now you should request access to the group and then create a post to introduce yourself… Use the link below.


  1. If your offer allows for a partner registration, then you must email james with the following information…
    Full Name
    Email Address
    Position in your Company/business

        Your Business Name

The offer only extends to staff and family members working in your business.

Email the details to [email protected]


I look forward to working with you, if you have any thing you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to reach out.


James Dewane

Helping Self-Employed Electricians to get and keep more local customers