Tips to position yourself as the local expert

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2018

I often speak to electricians who ask me how they can be a cut above the rest in their local area. There are some very simple ways you can position yourself a cut above your local competition by making a few small changes to the set up of your business.


One of the common questions I get asked is “everyone is qualified and registered in my area, how can I beat that?” Whilst all electricians have to meet minimum industry standards – there are things you can do even in this area which will seed in your customers mind that you are the better choice.


By following these examples below, you will be seeding in your customers mind that you go the extra mile, not just meeting the minimum standards that other electricians do in your area.


  • I turn up in a marked van

Over the years I have spoken to many electricians who drive around in unmarked vans. Sign writing your van is one of the easiest methods of advertising your business. If you don't sign...

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