Attention Electricians:

Watch This 5 Minute Video and I’ll Show You 3 Proven Ways To Get More High-Quality Local Customers and Avoid The Feast and Famine Nature of the Job

You'll find out:
  • How to get regular local work with your ideal customers who won’t debate on price
  • A simple way to get paid your worth every time, without having to justify your fees
  • How to find out which advertising is working for you, so you can do more of it and save your time and energy from things that just don't work

Who Am I & What Is This?

Hi there - that’d be me! I’ve been in the Electrical Industry for just over 25 years and like so many during my career, there have been plenty of ups and downs…

Back in 2007 I had a thriving company, nine staff, three vans, a car and a shop front – only to find myself on the brink of personal bankruptcy with no choice but to start again.

I spent time investing in myself and going all-in on the domestic sector, which led to another successful but small company, and subsequently, I became the ‘go-to’ electrician in a small
local area.

To be honest, my initial big company was all about ego, I can see now why it went down. My second, yet smaller company was in fact a lot more profitable and surprise, surprise, enjoyable - the difference all came down to the way I ran them.

These days I’m retired from the tools and spend my time teaching marketing and mentoring fellow tradespeople.

In this short training video I give three quick solutions to some of the most common frustrations we all face as electricians.

In case you’re wondering whether it’s for you, just ask yourself this...

Have you ever found yourself:

  • Wondering where the next week or month of work is coming from?
  • Stretching out your current jobs just to keep busy and avoid looking at an empty calendar and having nothing to do?
  • Having to work far from home because there’s just not enough local business?

If the answer is yes to any of that, then you need to watch this quick training video.

You’ll get 3 instantly actionable tips that’ll help you “crack” the local market and fill your calendar with regular, high-quality work, right on your doorstep.

So click below and see it for yourself.


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